Blondes Have More Fun

First Bieber did it and you laughed. Then you saw Lionel Messi’s hair makeover and said WTF! But once you thought about it a bit more, you decided it looked pretty cool. So are you ready to join the blonde brigade?

How did this all start?

Probably because we’re well past peak beard and celebs are looking for new ways to set themselves apart. Chances are, what started with celebs will trickle down and you’ll see highlights on the streets of Dublin soon.

So how do you get the look?

Step away from that bottle of bleach! Home jobs can make a real mess of your prized asset so drop into either of our Barbiere shops and have a consultation with a pro. Bleaching hair properly takes a few steps. First, as any good colourist should, we’ll patch test to see if you have a reaction to the bleach. Then, depending on your hair tone, you’ll need at least two bleaching sessions before the final application of a toner to make sure you get a bright, natural finish.

At Barbiere, we can give you the look, depending on how dark your hair currently is, for between €45-60.

Is there much after care?

You’ve seen what bleach does to your toilet so you’ve probably guessed it’s not exactly hair-friendly. If you don’t want to end up with hair that feels like it’s made of straw, we recommend Medavita’s shampoo for coloured hair along with their reconstructive hair mask to protect your locks long-term. Both are available at our shops.

So that’s it, everything you need to become a blonde bombshell. Drop in for a consultation and we could have you strutting about like Messi in no time!

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